We solve complex problems with software when most other developers falter


Software Engineering

Complex Integrations relies on its in-depth knowledge and experiences of application development across all major platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux. While many application projects simply fall into a generic category known as CRUD, other projects require far more engineering involving specialized algorithms, database inter-connectivity, custom drivers supporting unique hardware, and possibly real time support of events.

Complex Web Development

The ease with which we navigate through information, the page layout and typography, the color and graphic elements that grab us—this is the work of a professional Web developer with an eye for design and functionality. Our professionals design and maintain websites, including site layout and function, to a client’s specifications.

Enhanced eCommerce Solutions

Whether your need is for a grand scale online marketplace and or a multi-vendor solution, a varied payment processing with major solutions (ex. credit cards, paypal, bitcoin), bulk uploading, connections to back office systems (ex. QuickBooks), our team can create and stage your ecommerce site.

Embedded Solutions

An embedded system is housed on a single microprocessor board with the programs stored in ROM. Virtually all appliances that have a digital interface — watches, microwaves, VCRs, cars — utilize embedded systems. Normally, embedded applications must meet stringent requirements such as small memory or storage, low power or battery operation, limited resources, and unique processors. We will assist in the design, provide full software engineering and development, and execute a robust test plan to ensure your embedded device/system functions as envisioned.

Solving Complex Problems Requires a Broad Range of Skills

Complex Integrations' mission is to use our in-depth knowledge of the latest programming technology with a clear understanding of the client's business needs. The goal is to develop solutions that produce more efficient, responsive and cost-effective elements of your business systems. Our team is more than capable of creating solutions that involve the following complex technologies :
Applications across all major platforms
Applications on embedded systems
Transforming algorithms
Specialized Drivers on any Operating Systems
Concurrent and cloud based database solutions
Connections to far, disparate APIs
Real time video/audio transmissions
Peer to Peer, real time, low latency broadcasts
Highly secure data structures and application access

  • Organized, Deterministic, and Client Engaging

  • We are experts in all major languages

  • We Can Create Transforming Algorithms for the Solution

  • Integration of APIs, CDNs, Mobile Devices, Encryption, etc.